It’s never too late to be practicing that gourmet level of veggie done-ness. Sometimes people over cook veggies and it’s no wonder they don’t like them that way. As a kid cooked veggies were my least favorite, I’d sneak them raw. There’s an art to it like there is in cooking anything, it just takes a bit of practice.
This is a very simple sandwich where the cooking of the zucchini can steal the show.
To make:
Cut zucchini in large circles. In 3 small bowls add flour in one, soy milk in another, and Panko crumbs in the last. Heat a small pot with enough oil to submerge the zucchini cutlets. Test it’s temp by dropping in a crumb, it should be golden brown in about 2-3 minutes. Put your cutlets in the flour, milk, crumbs, then the pot. It works best if they get a minute or two to sit with the breading before going in the oil. Cook quickly, 1 minute per side or until browned. You can test with a knife after the first few to make sure your time and temp is good and adjust. You can upgrade with a thermometer and timer but with practice you should be able to do without them anyway.
Naturally, I topped the zucchinis with an ample helping of sliced shallots and shredded lettuce. Vegan mayo or tartar sauce would be a good compliment, I served this with 2 lemon wedges and seasoned fries.