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Welcome to Shallot Sanctuary where plant based recipes frolic & romp!
Our goal is to make healthy, flavorful, easy-to-make dishes that aim to use ingredients that are available and affordable.
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  • California Sushi Bowl

    California Sushi Bowl - A very full bowl of sushi fixin's, what more could you want. Avocado, tofu, shiitake, sliced radishes, shredded carrots, green onion, cucumbers, & nori. Served on top of sushi seasoned [...]

  • Buffalo Style Cauliflower

    Buffalo Style Cauliflower “Wings”

    Quick and easy, low calorie, low carb and full of flavor! Ingredients: 1 Cauliflower Head spoonful of vegan butter Buffalo Sauce Vegan Blue Cheese dressing for serving Cut Cauliflower into bite sized florets. Heat [...]

  • Taco Tofu Breakfast Scramble

    Taco Tofu Breakfast Scramble

    Tofu Taco Breakfast Scramble! Serve on tacos or with a side of hashed browns. Ingredients: -1/2 - 1 block of tofu -1 can of beans -handful of diced onions -handful of diced bell peppers [...]

  • Kabocha Gnocchi

    Italian-Japanese fusion ❤ Kabocha gnocchi! Oven roasted kabocha makes up the sauce base for this gnocchi with pan seared fennel, roasted garlic, cannellini beans and arugula! I wasn't sure about this at first [...]

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