This is a Glossary of cooking tools, utensils, and other non-food items that make cooking easier.


Cast iron skillet – Something you’ll use everyday and only buy once, a great tool for perfectly searing veggies, cooking sauces, and even for baking in! It also imparts some iron to your dish, especially when cooking acidic foods. Cast iron is low maintenance as well, clean with a simple wipe down with a paper towel. If you need to use soap from time to time, simply coat it in oil after drying. Buy a Cast Iron Skillet >>


Zoodler – Make zucchini noodles, cucumber ribbons, or assorted veggie sticks/fries! I like the simplicity of the handheld model, which makes cleanup easy and feels less like it will break. It took a couple tries to get right but then it worked like a charm! Buy a Handheld Spiralizer >>