Tips & Tricks for Plant-Based Food

Shopping Lists

Shopping and meal planning can be the hardest part of any diet. Shallot Sanctuary shopping lists can help you pick what sounds good for your food tastes. You can always make adjustments as needed, know what to buy, how much it will roughly cost, and exactly what meals you can make with each list. Kind of like a meal service without all the shipping & handling.

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Finding Food

Some people’s largest barrier to healthy or enjoyable eating is accessing food, finding foods that accommodate them, and having the time or resources to access them. We have a growing list of resources to help connect people to better food easier.

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Cooking Basics

Making food can be something very expressive, culturally important and even emotional. Shallot Sanctuary has cooking and kitchen techniques that help you to build your own new traditions with food– just this time maybe a little more nutritious, delicious and cruelty free.

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