Legumes + Grains + Maize

A balanced and affordable meal that is shelf stable and available year round is one made of legumes & grains, with maize or corn which can be replaced with your favorite seasonally available local vegetables.

Legumes (lentils, beans, peas, etc)
Grains (brown rice, barley, quinoa, wild rice, millet, etc)
Maize or seasonable vegetables as a side
Olive oil

Seasonings (add whatever amount/combination you like):
Ground coriander, cumin, garlic, onion, curry, turmeric, fenugreek, bay leaf, chiles, etc.
Whole coriander seeds, radish seeds (pictured), stir in greens at the end of cooking, diced carrots, diced peppers

The ratio of legumes to grains should be about 2/1. Add enough water for your legumes & grains but add the legumes & grains at different cooking times if one is longer than the other (i.e. if brown rice is 45 min and lentils are 25 min, add lentils in at 20 min). As the lentils & grains cook, add the seasonings and oil.
Prepare your side maize or veggies. A simple, easy way is to toss them in a cast iron skillet and give them a quick sear, even frozen corn or peas are great this way (if it starts sticking just pour a few spoons of water in the pan and cover with a lid, the steam will release it).

This makes a great meal prep meal, and one pot can be a week worth of lunches. You can change up the sides to keep it interesting and also cheap, if you buy seasonally.