Power balls!

These times present a need for quick,healthy, backpack stable, & portable meal options– power balls to the rescue!

This basic recipe can be used to make your own and adjust for your favorite flavors and diet preferences.

1 part protein powder (pea protein is my favorite, you can also use commercial mixes with extra vitamins & minerals)
1 part chia seeds, oats, or similar whole grain
1/2-1 part nut butter (Stir into mix in small amounts until moist enough to form balls, not too much. Peanut or almond is oily so works well and is easy to find fairly cheap or blend yourself. Smooth works best.)

To make wetter, add more nut butter or a splash of nut milk
To make it drier, add more grains or protein

Sweeten with maple syrup or other liquid sweetener
Bring out flavors with vanilla or other extracts

Pictured are matcha chia flavored power balls (add 1-2 tsp of matcha powder)

Other ideas..
-Chopped dried fruits
-Citrus zest/juice
-Cocoa powder
-Coconut shreds
-Cinnamon / pie spice
-Graham cracker crumbs
-Chai spice or cardamom
-Chocolate hazelnut spread
Or just try your favorite flavor!

You can fill a lid or dish with the flavors and roll the balls in them or dip the tops. They can store well in a fridge for up to a week, packed in a bag up to a day. If in warm weather, wrap in wax paper or other leak proof container as the oils may seep out.

4 of these and you’ll forget you were ever hungry and be able to go back to dismantling systemic racism and classism!

Black Lives Matter. 🖤