Perfect Vegan Cast Iron Hashbrowns

Cast iron makes for the perfect even browning of vegetables and hashedbrowns are one of the best examples of this. Seasoning cast iron can be done with any fat, so you can use your usual favorite vegetable oil. Make sure the pan is seasoned before cooking and you have a hefty oven mitt.

2-3 potatoes
3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil

To make:
Heat seasoned pan on medium or medium low. Add oil to pan, enough to evenly coat in a layer, allow it to heat a minute. Once warm add a shred of potato to the pan to test temp, it should sizzle along all edges. Then add all potatoes to pan. Allow 12-15 minutes depending on temperature and thickness of potatoes in pan, potatoes on top won’t look raw when they are nearing doneness. You can test if they are done by picking up the pan and sliding it to see if the potatoes break free in a solid patty. Once it does, get a plate and flip entire contents of plate onto it (carefully, I do it in one quick motion with the plate on the table next to the stove). Then oil the pan again, allow to warm, then add the potato patty to the pan by sliding it in gently in one piece. Slide the pan around to evenly coat the potatoes and cook slightly less time on the other side. Check doneness by lifting up the edge and remove from heat when evenly browned.